Jiffy Jax - The Fast and Easy Sail-Flaking System


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Jiffy Jax Product Details

Key Features

The Jiffy Jax system is a new twist on an old theme. Utilizing the best ideas from various lazy jack systems, Jiffy Jax brings to the pragmatic sailor a new design that features...

• No Chafing – Stowing alongside the boom and mast, the Jiffy Jax system only comes in contact with the sail during deploy and stow operations. Sail chafing becomes a non-issue.
• No sail or sailcover modification – Our system “draws” all support lines taut into the gooseneck area in the stowed mode, thus eliminating the need to modify your sail or sailcover. An added benefit of this feature is that boom supported awnings need no modification either!
• No batten "hooking" – With the Jiffy Jax system stowed while raising the mainsail, you avoid "catching a batten" on the system. This is a common problem with non-retractable lazy jacks.
• Speed – With independent control lines for port and starboard – you achieve very fast deploy/stow with one hook on each side. Several other major brand name retractable lazy jack systems have one hook and require line to "shift" between sides. Shifting lines takes extra time and eliminates the flexibility of raising only one side for reefing aid while off the wind.
• Cockpit Deploy – If you wish, we can supply extra line and quick release hitch pins to allow you to deploy your Jiffy Jax system from the cockpit. Few other manufacturers offer this feature.
• Flexibility – Due to our stowing methodology, you can install the boom eyestraps with just about any spacing you desire. This gives you great flexibility for avoiding other boom mounted hardware, providing better aft support for sails with large roaches, etc. Naturally, we do give you spacing guidelines.
• Detachability - For trailer sailors or those boats with a separate trysail luff track, the halyard snap hook will allow you to easily detach the halyard line from the support lines.
• Customized – We cut all support lines to compliment your mainsail luff and foot measurements.
• Security – Rising higher than other lazy jack type systems, and with 5 or 6 support lines per side for larger boats, Jiffy Jax allows you to lower your mainsail in less than ideal conditions while keeping your sail securely on the boom!
• Safety – With the mainsail captured on top of the boom, no more slipping and falling over the sail lying on the deck!
• Failsafe – Our system relies on spliced line, rings (or thimbles) and security hooks – only a shovel is more failsafe.
• Satisfaction Guaranteed - If you are un-happy for any reason with your JIFFY JAX system, send the system back within 90 days of purchase and we will give you a full money-back refund, no questions asked!

How Jiffy Jax Works

The JIFFY JAX sail flaking system works on the basis of flexible support lines (port and starboard totally independent) and interwoven stainless steel rings (or thimbles) that “tension adjust” automatically to the direction of pull. Confused? This example may clear it up…

Feature, for example, a 12 foot long Ό” diameter line with the two eye spliced ends secured on the boom 3 feet apart (same side of boom) and with a stainless steel 1” utility ring (the ring being backspliced on the end of a halyard line) inserted on the line between the tie downs. Now, lifting the ring straight up directly between the two tie-downs will result in two equal lengths of line (6’ each) on either side of the ring.

Keeping the ring under vertical tension, move it in an arc, forward toward the mast. The lengths of line will automatically adjust – the fore section will become shorter and the aft section longer. If you continue this effort until the line is laid out flat on the boom, the fore length will be 4.5’ and the aft length 7.5’. This idea is the basic concept behind our two-line system – where the lines are approximately equal in the vertical or “deployed” state and very unequal in the horizontal or “stowed” position.

The three-line system consists of an "intermediary" line that supports, on one end, the bight of the two-line system, then passes through a ring attached to the end of the halyard line, and finally terminates as an attached support line on the aft end of the boom. The 4,5 and 6 line systems each utilize one additional interwoven aft line.

The JIFFY JAX sail flaking system provides for higher vertical sail support than other lazy jack line systems and consequently allows you to lower the main in less than ideal "turn into the wind" conditions.

JIFFY JAX are stowed taut against the boom and mast using 1/4" shock cord and retaining hooks to “draw” them into an “L” shape - as indicated by the "stowed" graphic that you see on our home page.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, check out our "Product Photos" to see the installation process on a Vagabond 47'.


The materials we use to make your JIFFY JAX system are of the highest marine grade to assure long lasting, no maintenance performance. For the 4 line per side system, the materials list includes the following items. The 2, 3, 5 and 6 line systems use the same materials, but in their respective quantities:

     •      Samson LS Ό” double braided polyester line with eye splices – cut to your boats’ specifications.
     •      (2) Harken Ό” cheek blocks (or substitute 2 spreader mounted universal blocks)
     •      (8) low profile eyestraps
     •      (6) Sea Dog 1” utility rings (or substitute stainless thimbles or nylon thimbles)
     •      (20) Aluminum pop rivets
     •      (4) Stainless oval-headed phillips screws
     •      (2) Sea Dog 5" low profile closed base cleats
     •      Lanokote grease (to retard Stainless/aluminim electrolysis)

In order to provide the most cost effective system, we offer as a separate option, a Drawback Kit. The kit is only required if you either do not have reefing horns or if you have them, but do not wish to use them as the retaining method for your Jiffy Jax system. Here is the materials list for the Drawback Kit:

     •      (2) Security retaining hooks
     •      (4 ft) 1/4” shock cord
     •      (2) large eyestraps
     •      (4) Aluminum pop rivets
     •      (8) 1/4” stainless hog rings

If you’re like us, a few pop rivets and/or screws usually end up overboard. To avoid this aggravation, we throw in a few extra pieces of hardware. So, don’t think you’ve missed an attachment if you end up with a couple of extra screws, hog rings or pop rivets.

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