Jiffy Jax - The Fast and Easy Sail-Flaking System


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Jiffy Jax - the Fast and Easy Sail-Flaking System

Now, with a cost effective, easily installed JIFFY JAX sail flaking system, you will end the frustration and mess associated with lowering your mainsail. Click on this link to learn how our unique retractable sail flaking system with 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 support lines per side works and why it is failsafe, cost effective and easily installed. At this link we'll also cover all key features of the system and the Bill of Materials.

The graphics below illustrate how the 4-line system support lines lie in the deployed and stowed configurations. Since our system stows in an "L" configuration along the boom and mast, sail chafe is eliminated and no sail or sail cover modifications are required!.

       Jiffy Jax - The Fast and Easy Sail-Flaking System

Product Photos

At this link you can take a look at the JIFFY JAX system being installed on a Vagabond 47. With 4 support lines per side, JIFFY JAX has no problem securing the sail on the Vagabonds' boom.

Demo Photos

A click here will show you pictures of the JIFFY JAX demonstration model with either 3 lines or 4 lines per side, each in a stowed and deployed position. We also show each system raised using a spreader mounted universal block as an available option. These pictures make it easy to see all the details and options of the Jiffy Jax system.


Installation always a daunting task? Not with JIFFY JAX! This link will give you the details on tools and skills required to install your new JIFFY JAX system. If you can drill a hole and use a tape measure, you can install JIFFY JAX!

How to Order

Ready to order your new JIFFY JAX system? Check out this link for our very competitive pricing schedule, system options, our lead time, our 90 day no-questions-asked 100% refund policy and our 5 year labor and material warranty. We accept checks, credit and debit cards.


Check out what some of our customers are saying about JIFFY JAX. At this site we give you some insight into how our customers feel about our service and their Jiffy Jax system.

Frequently asked questions

Got a question about JIFFY JAX? Here we cover the most frequently asked questions and give you the straight answers.

Home  |  Product Details  |  Product Photos  |  Demo Photos  |  Installation  |  How to Order  |  Testimonials  |  FAQ